Agricultural Vehicle Cleaning

A high-pressure washer is specialized in cleaning agricultural vehicles. It can efficiently and thoroughly clean the surface of the vehicle, including hard-to-clean parts, without damaging the vehicle. Using a high-pressure washer can improve cleaning efficiency and reduce cleaning costs.

High Efficiency
Eco Friendly
Safe & Reliable
Easy to Operate

Vehicles Cleaning



High-pressure washer can quickly and thoroughly clean dirt and oil stains on agricultural vehicles, including hard-to-clean parts. Using a high-pressure washer can improve cleaning efficiency and save time and costs.

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Ground Cleaning 



Ground cleaning uses equipment and cleaning agents to remove dirt and kill bacteria, and can be used in various settings. Cleaned floors are cleaner, more hygienic, and safer.effectively removing stains, oil, dust.

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Peeling Working



High-pressure cleaning machines can be used for peeling agricultural products, improving processing efficiency and product quality, such as removing the husks from corn, wheat, and rice.

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Warehouse Washing


High-pressure washer can clean and disinfect floors, walls, and ceilings in a warehouse, improving cleaning efficiency and quality. It can save time and labor, and improve cleaning efficiency and quality. 

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Fence Cleaning



High-pressure cleaning machine can be used to clean the surface of wood, removing stains and debris with high-pressure water flow and restoring the original appearance and shine of the wood.

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House Cleaning



A high-pressure washer can be used to clean a house, such as cleaning exterior walls, roofs, windows, and more. Using a high-pressure washer can improve cleaning efficiency and quality, while saving time and labor. 

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Livestock Farm Cleaning

Cleaning the farm floor is an important measure to maintain the hygiene of the farm environment. Common methods include high-pressure water guns and cleaning agents. Before cleaning, the cleaning area needs to be prepared and cleaned to ensure the cleaning effect and safety.

Flexible Operation
Stable Quality
Simple Maintenance
High Automation

Heavy-duty Floor Cleaning

High-pressure washers can quickly and thoroughly clean heavy oil stains without the need for large amounts of chemical cleaning agents. Using a high-pressure washer can improve cleaning efficiency and reduce cleaning costs.

Quick Cleaning
Remote Operation
Save Time & Cost
Strong Flexibility
Save Labor Costs
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